22 June, 2020

Marxists Tear Down White Statues in America But Erect One in Germany to a Mass-Murdering Communist

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Lenin helped to construct the Soviet murder machine, making him a mass-murderer by default; that Soviet machine executed 30 to 40 million people from 1917-1953, making Hitler an amateur in the murder business — so why do we constantly hear about Hitler? You know why: certain people want you to constantly hear about him.

By the way, isn’t Germany a democracy? Why would the German courts allow a statue of Lenin in a democracy? (I’m kidding, of course: communism and democracy have many things in common, and commie-worship is way popular in the Western world, for some reason. Both communism and democracy worship human equality and they reject White nationalism. Furthermore, both are unsustainable and are doomed to eventually collapse. The only reason the Soviet Union lasted so long is that 1) it looted all of the Eastern European countries after WWII and 2) the West aided the Soviets for decades, e.g., the Soviets borrowed $4.3 billion from Western banks in 1975 and borrowed $12 billion from the West in 1985/1986. Why are we always loaning the enemy money?? We did the same thing for other communist countries. Source: www.cia.gov).

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