14 June, 2020

Privilege: Only One Race Has It. Why?

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I used to have White privilege, when I was White. But then, I became Black (because race is just a social construct — ask any professor at Berkeley), and then I no longer had White privilege, but somehow I didn’t gain any Black privilege, either — at least, not that I know of. Then later, I became an Asian, but strangely, I didn’t gain any Asian privilege, either. But then later, when I became White for the second time, within minutes I had White privilege again!! Can you believe that?? Maybe I’ll go back to being an Asian…

(By the way, re: White privilege, who is “us”, Mr. Mark Cuban? He is a Jew: “He grew up in the Pittsburgh suburb of Mount Lebanon, in a Jewish working-class family.” — Wikipedia. Jews are not genetically White, although they appear White).

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