1 June, 2020

Seriously Suspicious Rioting Now

Posted by Socrates in anti-fascists/antifas, anti-racism movement, rioting by Antifa, Socrates, Trump, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Trump-as-a-fascist, Trumpphobia at 11:11 am | Permanent Link

Rioting in Davenport, Iowa? Scottsdale, Arizona? Salt Lake City, Utah? Those are very White and conservative cities. Very few Blacks. WTF?

This is very suspicious — like the (Antifa) actors had previously blueprinted the riots months beforehand and they were just waiting for the proper time to use the blueprints. All on account of Donald Trump being president and this being an election year. Sneaky.

That’s a big criminal conspiracy. If caught, the actors will spend years in prison (unless a Jewish federal judge frees them, which is likely because it’s happened before).


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