8 June, 2020

The Children Make Demands

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Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) was probably the most famous White doctor in history. The kind doctor opened a hospital in Gabon, Africa and spent many years there, so he knew a thing or two about Black people. Dr. Schweitzer called Blacks a race of “children” [1].

Now, in America, the children are making outrageous and ridiculous demands. For example, they want to close down America’s police departments, and they want “reparations” for the Black community. Are the Blacks first going to give White people reparations for 60 years of non-stop violence against Whites? [2].



[1] “The negro is a child, and with children nothing can be done without the use of authority.” — Dr. Schweitzer, in his 1922 book “On the Edge of the Primeval Forest”

[2] since the civil-rights era of the 1960s, Blacks have murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted millions of White people; the civil-rights laws emboldened the Blacks to attack Whites

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