12 June, 2020

Thinking Ahead: It’s Time for All White People to Separate Themselves From Non-Whites

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Seen: an online video in which it is said that, in order for White people to survive long-term in the multicultural West, they must separate themselves “both physically and mentally” from non-Whites.

Yes. All White people must begin the process of separating themselves from non-Whites in every way. It will take years, but it must be done.

Some steps that need to be taken by all White people worldwide:

— Avoid non-Whites as much as possible. Don’t talk to them if at all possible. Avoid Black, Brown and Jewish neighborhoods. (Remember, Jews are not genetically White).

— Avoid big cities if possible. Big cities will collapse from race rioting/economic turmoil first.

— Patronize only White-owned businesses.

— Learn how to defend yourself and your property.

— Start a neighborhood-watch program. Through that, you can get to know your neighbors.

— Let the slogan “Whites only” guide all of your daily life decisions.

— Choose only White friends. Urge other Whites to do the same. You can no longer trust non-Whites.

— Homeschool your kids. Explain to them what Western culture is and why it must be preserved.

— Turn off your TV set completely (or, only watch certain TV shows, such as animal/nature shows).

— Don’t use credit cards or borrow money, unless absolutely, vitally necessary.

— Band together with other Whites: share your ideas, skills, philosophy, books, tools, etc. Barter with other Whites. Help each other financially and spiritually.

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