15 June, 2020

Video About the Insurrection of 2020: No Healing is Coming Because the Opposition has Other Plans

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This nice fellow wants healing. But no healing is coming. The “other side” doesn’t want healing. It wants the destruction of the White Western world. Why? Because it hates the White Western world, because it was built by White men and only by White men. That’s a “crime”! How dare those White men invent the world! How dare they!

The divide in America will never be bridged or healed because leftism/liberalism is an anti-White movement based entirely on anger, jealousy and victimhood (i.e., White males are the “evil” oppressors, and non-Whites and women are the oppressed).

Leftism/liberalism isn’t a political ideology, because “tear it all down!” isn’t an ideology. But if leftism/liberalism isn’t a political ideology, you may ask, what is it? It’s a weapon! Leftism/liberalism is a weapon against White Western culture, and it must be treated as such. It must be banned, by law, in all of the Western world. Indeed, it must be purged, like poison from a body would be purged.

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