27 June, 2020

White Philosophy: Defending White Racism in America/the West

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Did White people commit racism in their behavior towards the American Indians? To some degree at least.

Did White people commit racism in their behavior towards Black people? To some degree at least.

But, then again, here’s the rub:

Not only was The United States of America founded as a White republic, but, more importantly, White people almost single-handedly invented the world (e.g., electricity, the light bulb, concrete, the novel, the radio, the clock, the automobile, the airplane, the computer, comedy [1], the printing press, the telescope, space travel; Whites even invented democracy and freedom of speech!). So, White people must be allowed some degree of leeway, some degree of slack, in their behavior towards non-White people. Whites gave the world far more than they took away (but you could argue that White racism against Browns and Blacks isn’t “taking away” very much from the world in the big scheme of things).

Another point: great men (i.e., White men such as America’s founders) are often self-centered — it’s a common character trait. In fact, great men become successful because they are self-centered. If they weren’t self-centered, they couldn’t become successful because they would be focusing their attention and energy on other people instead of on themselves. Nonetheless, self-centered people begin to see the world as revolving around them. That doesn’t make them evil. It just makes them self-centered. (But how ironic that the Jews are very self-centered and very arrogant yet they never have to apologize for their behavior, so why must White people apologize for theirs?).

Lastly, regarding slavery: who taught the Black slaves to read and write? The White slave owners. If we Whites wanted to “keep the Black man down,” why did we do that? Thanks to Whites, there are Blacks in Congress and on the U.S. Supreme Court today. (Are you beginning to think that we were too nice to the Blacks? I am).


[1] the Greek philosopher Democritus and the playwright Aristophanes invented comedy as we know it today

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