7 June, 2020

Who Built Saint George Floyd in Order to Demonize Trump?

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(Above: the late Black ex-convict, Saint George Floyd).

The people who built Saint George are the same people who built Saint Martin Luther King, Jr. It was so easy. Here’s the recipe: take a few Jewish-led NGOs (Non-Government Organizations), add 24/7 media hype, and presto! A Black saint is created.

By the way: the “George Floyd protests” in South Korea, France, Iceland and Uruguay have nothing to do with Floyd per se but everything to do with harming Donald Trump — and the people who support him — politically. Trump and his followers are being demonized every day. Remember, right-wing populism isn’t just about Trump, it’s about other politicians who will follow in Trump’s footsteps in 2024 and afterwards. Right-wing populism must be nipped in the bud, according to the NGOs. Right-wing populism is the new great thing, and they don’t want it to spread!

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