3 July, 2020

A Re-Post of an SF Forum Post, Re: Matt Hale

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From Stormfront Forum, July 2: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1312847/

“Attention everyone:

The enemy has started targeting our pows. Matt Hale has been moved from his prison in Colorado to Grand Prairie Prison in Texas.

Now Grand Prairie Prison has decided to move him to another unknown prison and put him into general population where due to his unpopular beliefs there is a very good chance Matt will be hurt or killed.

We need EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE to write Grand Prairie Prison at the following email address and request that Matt be sent to Pekin Federal Prison as his judge recommended during his sentencing. It’s eight miles from his elderly mother which would make life easier on both of them.

Please be nice and polite but firmly request that he be sent to Pekin Federal prison as his judge recommended, that he be kept safe, and that his jailers know he has people who are interested in his welfare and will not watch him abused.

Please spread this far and wide. We need as many responses as we can get, as soon as we can get.

The email address is:

GRA-DSC/[email protected]

Matt Hale’s prisoner number is # 15177-424

Thank you all for your help.”

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