26 July, 2020

Antifa, or Trantifa?

Posted by Socrates in "gay pride", "gay", "gender", 'gender identity', 'sex-change', 'transgender', anti-fascists/antifas, antifas vs. White nationalists, Insurrection of 2020, leftism, leftist/liberal hate, leftists, liberalism, liberals, liberals as bullies, queers, rioting by Antifa, Socrates, trannies, War On Normal, War On White Males, War On White People at 10:19 am | Permanent Link

This information dovetails with what I’ve long heard: that a large percentage of antifa thugs are either queer or tranny. It seems that antifa groups attract lots of very “fringe” people (drug users, alcoholics, trannies, queers, the mentally ill, animal-rights wackos, green Marxists, people who worship Tiny Tim, etc.) [1].


[1] see also the Blaze TV online video “Antifa EXPOSED: White and Disproportionately Trans?” Jan. 13, 2020

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