24 July, 2020

Filthydelphia: Half-Jewish DA Threatens to Arrest Feds Who Rein In Protesters/Antifas

Posted by Socrates in anti-cop mania, anti-fascists/antifas, Insurrection of 2020, jewed culture, jewed law, Socrates, Trump, Trump and Making America Great Again, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Trump's policies, Trump-as-a-fascist, Trumpphobia at 1:53 pm | Permanent Link

Arrest feds?? Oh, this is rich! Orange Man Bad! Really, really bad! A dictator! Oy veh!

“District Attorney Larry Krasner accused President Trump of “acting like an authoritarian dictator,” he said on an appearance on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” Thursday and cautioned him not to send federal agents to his city.”

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