2 July, 2020

Illusion and Leverage

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“After last week’s broadcast a listener commented that the people who pretend to be shocked by Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker’s expression of distaste for the denizens of Times Square and the New York subways are the same people who will never give an honest explanation of why they have fled the cities for the suburbs or small towns. The outflow of White families from the cities — the so-called “White flight” — is the direct consequence of the influx of non-Whites into the cities. The Whites are desperate to get away from the non-Whites — but not one in 20 will admit it. They believe that everyone around them will condemn them if they do admit it. They are so terrified of being thought “racists” that many of them won’t even admit the truth to themselves. Instead they invent a Politically Acceptable reason for their flight: the schools are better in the suburbs because of the higher teachers’ salaries, the suburbs provide easier access to the shopping malls, or whatever.”


Audio of the above essay: [Here].

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