14 July, 2020

Jewish Billionaire Soros to Fund Black Organizations in America

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Is it surprising that a left-wing Jew (Soros) would give money to Black political organizations? No. It’s expected. Jews have a long history of aiding Blacks and Browns in the White world. In fact, the 1960s civil-rights movement in America was funded and built by Jews such as Arnold Aronson and Rep. Emanuel Celler. Indeed, the first Black organization in America (the NAACP) has deep Jewish roots and it had a Jewish (not a Black) leader up until 1975 (his name was Kivie Kaplan). To be clear: Jews are not genetically White, and Jews always help people who oppose Whites (this is probably why the Jews have been called enemy agents behind the lines in the White world) [1].


[1] re: the Jews throughout history: “The Jew represented then, and has appeared ever since as an enemy agent behind the European lines…” — British historian C. Northcote Parkinson.

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