16 July, 2020

Message To The Federal Government, Re: The Insurrection of 2020

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If you people can’t wage war on America’s biggest enemy (the Jews) because they own you to a good degree, then you can at least wage war on the two biggest, most dangerous political spawns of the Jews, i.e., Marxism and Left-Wing Socialism. Don’t hold back. Wage total war on Marxist/Left-Wing Socialist groups and people: homes raided, bank accounts seized, etc. The charge against the two? Marxism and Left-Wing Socialism, if left unchecked, will destroy America as we know it. How will you enjoy your political and economic status if America becomes a toilet like Venezuela, or Chile 1972? Fancy restaurants? They’ll be gone. Your hired help (maids, gardeners)? They’ll all be angry BLM sympathizers. Ponder it.

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