16 July, 2020

The First Marxist Revolt: The French Revolution of 1789

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The French Revolution was the first modern example of liberal madness and murder. Why do the French celebrate it today?

Note: the French Revolution eventually “ate itself.” In the end, even the top Revolution leaders (e.g., Danton) were themselves murdered on the guillotine by the leftists, because the liberals always eat themselves in the end, because leftism has no brakes! It continues and continues until everyone is dead. Then later, it pops back up again, ready to riot and kill some more. You’d think that people would get a clue and kill off liberalism for all time, but no. Liberalism is a bad penny that keeps turning up in the strangest places.

“This Tuesday, the French celebrated Bastille Day, the mob attack on a Parisian prison that has come to symbolize the French Revolution, a period of massive violence that produced nothing other than a lot of dead Frenchmen. Their revolution was the screech of a mob, much as we are seeing in several of our own cities and towns today. So let’s review this absurdly celebrated event” [Here].

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