3 July, 2020

Video: Nick Fuentes: American Apartheid

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Is there a blueprint for the racial trouble that’s happening in America now? Yes, there is! A perfect blueprint. Here it is: South Africa. America is becoming South Africa.

A quick overview:

In South Africa in 1994, Whites “gave in” to Black political demands and they gave the Blacks equal power in the government. Bad idea! Now, the Whites in SA are under siege: their lands confiscated, their freedom stolen, their political and economic rights wiped out. The Whites thought the Blacks would be fair and reasonable when they came to power. Guess again, Whitey.

The same thing that happened in SA is happening in America. Whites are losing power, and Blacks are gaining power. (Consider this: Whites built SA).

[Video; duration is 16 minutes].

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