14 July, 2020

Washington, D.C. : Black Man Convinces Lots of Whites to Leave KKK, Etc.

Posted by Socrates in Socrates, War On White Males, War On White People, Western Civ books, Western Civ courses, Western civilization, Western culture, Western decline, White inventions, white nationalism, White philosophy, White thought, White-culture-as-superior, Whites as the Chosen People, William Pierce, William Pierce's ADV broadcasts at 12:59 pm | Permanent Link

Leave the pro-White movement, White man? There’s nothing to “leave.” Your White skin is your uniform and you can never take it off. If you can’t grasp the fact the White Western culture is head-and-shoulders above the rest of mankind in every way, and that race is the reason for that, then that’s your serious problem and you should seek professional help for that: I suggest listening to Dr. William Pierce’s ADV radio broadcasts for one month straight without pause. That’ll cure your problem! (Also, read a good Western Civ textbook from circa 1960).

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