2 August, 2020

A Question for Marxists and Leftists About Communism/Marxism

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According to the smelly, subversive Jew, Karl Marx, the first phase of communism is actually socialism. The second and final phase of communism is “the higher phase of communism,” at which point the state can and will “wither away.” The state will slowly vanish. (Sounds nifty!). Under Marxist doctrine, “so long as the state exists there is no freedom. When there is freedom, there will be no state.” (Sounds nifty also!)

Here’s a question for Marxists and leftists: which socialist or communist country has achieved actual communism, i.e., “true communism” (that means: no state, complete personal freedoms and equality for all, and a virtual utopia)? Which country has achieved communism as envisioned/promised by Marx? Name the country or countries here:


(The answer to that question is, of course, this: NO COUNTRY HAS EVER ACHIEVED TRUE COMMUNISM! Marxism, in all its forms and types, is the biggest fraud ever to spring from a human brain. The Soviet Union had 75 years in which to achieve true communism, but even the Soviets couldn’t do it — not even after swallowing all of Eastern Europe [massive surpluses of goods/food would be required in order to reach true communism]. Your “Marxism” is fake from Square One. It’s bullshit. It’s total crap. People who preach Marxism should be labelled “mentally ill” by the government and shipped off to the giggle farm for a 30-year “re-education”).

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