2 August, 2020

A Re-Post About Democracy From 2010

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(This is edited from before; also, the links in the prior post have changed)


Liberals love democracy. They worship it. It’s so…equalizing. (That’s why they also love communism). So it was interesting for me to learn that a noted liberal, the late and talented rock singer Lowell George, regretted running his band Little Feat democratically. Funny! Too late George learned that democracy – like communism – leads to mediocrity. The less-talented rise and so the more-talented fall by default. That’s not natural. Democracy is the opposite of natural! A rock band, like a country, must be run by the most-talented people only. If “Steve” is the most-talented man in the band, then he should make the musical decisions, hurt feelings be damned. Running a rock band, or a country, democratically will only lead to trouble. (America was a White republic until about 1964. Now it’s a multicultural democracy).

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