12 August, 2020

Another Jewish Media Boss Has Died

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(Above: Sumner Redstone, circa 2008)

Yes, Mr. Redstone has died. But don’t be sad. There are dozens and dozens of Jewish media bosses left, who are just waiting to pour, uhhmm, “information” into your brain 24/7! How cool is that??

“Sumner Redstone, who turned his family’s movie-theater company into a global media empire spanning television, movies, radio and books, and who famously proclaimed that “content is king,” has died…He was 97.

You can get a better take on Mr. Redstone (his real name was Rothstein) and his fellow Jewish media bosses here: [Article] (sadly, this article, which was written by Dr. William Pierce, is somewhat out of date; it needs to be updated; readers, if you want to help us update this article, please feel free; just compile names of media companies/names of CEOs/proofs of Jewish ethnicity, etc. and post the information in the Comments section below; use as many URLs as necessary; use good sources only, please).

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