6 August, 2020

Don’t We Already Have an Affirmative Action Law? (Yes, We Do)

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This California race mandate is apparently “Affirmative Action II.” The first Affirmative Action law (in 1964) didn’t penalize Whitey enough!

“All-white corporate boards would be prohibited in California under a bill in the Legislature that follows in the footsteps of a controversial law that mandated women in corporate boardrooms. More than 600 publicly held companies with California headquarters would be required to have at least one person of color serving on their corporate boards by the end of 2021 under the legislation introduced by Assembly members Chris Holden, a Pasadena Democrat, and Cristina Garcia, a Bell Gardens Democrat.” [Here].

I’m confused. The famous Jewish race expert Dr. Otto Klineberg once testified that race doesn’t exist. To quote Klineberg: ‚ÄúThere is no race but the human race.” Are they calling the good doctor a liar with this race-mandating bill? You can’t call a Jew a liar. Ever. God will smite you.

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