16 August, 2020

Marxist Riot Mobs: Born in Nicaragua?

Posted by Socrates in anti-cop mania, anti-fascists/antifas, anti-racism movement, Daniel Ortega, Insurrection of 2020, Nicaragua, rioting by Antifa, rioting by Blacks/Browns, Sandinistas, Socrates at 12:08 pm | Permanent Link

Insta-riots: where did they come from? They seemed to materialize out of thin air in America in 2020. One minute they weren’t there, but the next minute, presto! Even in Utah! Yes, lily-White, Mormon Utah! [Article]. A fleeting thought: the federal government censoring/blocking activity on certain cellphones and iPods would end the insta-mobs quickly; no doubt the insta-mobsters have “trees” of people on phone standby 24/7; no doubt they use certain words and phrases, and talk about certain targets in certain cities; those people have no “constitutional right” to use cellphones.

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