5 August, 2020

The Mestizo Menace

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“One aspect of Cancun and other Mexican tourist resorts which the news media have not been featuring is the danger of assault, rape, and robbery for young Americans who go to these places. I’ll tell you a few horror stories that you certainly didn’t hear about in the controlled media. Three weeks ago ten students from Salisbury State University in Maryland went to Cancun for their spring break. They had bought a package deal from one of the travel agencies promoting trips to Cancun. On their third night in Cancun, as they headed back to their hotel on foot after an evening of partying with other students, they were accosted by a group of Mexican policemen. The policemen slapped them around a bit and then robbed them at gunpoint. That’s right, the policemen robbed them.

They should have learned something from that, but apparently one robbery wasn’t enough to overcome the liberal brainwashing they had received back home, to the effect that Mexicans are the same as White Americans, except that they speak a different language. The next night they were riding a bus through downtown Cancun. They thought that would be safer than walking, after their experience the night before. Mexicans on the bus began taunting the gringos, then an off-duty policemen kicked one of them in the back. Two of the Americans were dragged off the bus, and a group of about 20 Mexicans, including several policemen, began beating and kicking them. Finally, the policemen in the gang of assailants handcuffed one of the Americans, 20-year-old Peter Best, and hauled him off to the city jail. There he was beaten more, until he was sure that they intended to beat him to death.”


Audio: [Here].

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