15 August, 2020

Was Adolf Hitler a Socialist? No. (Part 3 of 5)

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As noted previously, socialism is Part 1 of communism. Socialism/communism was, from the very beginning, a Jewish racial movement designed to attack and destroy White Western culture [1]. It was an international movement. Today, socialism has become a political movement, worldwide. It is no longer a Jewish movement.

Hitler’s National Socialism (NS), on the other hand, was a national, White racial movement meant only for Germany, not for the world. It was not designed for export, as Hitler himself noted [2]. In other words, Hitler’s NS was the racial opposite of Jewish socialism, which advocated: communism, feminism, human equality, anti-White policies, wealth re-distribution, international government, etc.). Socialism (as part of communism) is a weapon designed to end White Western culture. NS, on the other hand, sought to save White Western culture in Germany. The difference is clear and dramatic.

Furthermore, if “a powerful, far-reaching government, led by a single ruler owning or controlling most things — such as manufacturing, commerce and banking — within a state” (like Venezuela) is the basic definition of “socialism,” then the old European monarchies could also be called “socialist” in their framework. I agree with Hitler when he said that modern leftists hijacked and corrupted the definition and meaning of “socialism.”


[1] Karl Marx made it clear that communism’s original target was England: “Marx, when living in England, said that any revolution that did not spread to England was a storm in a teacup.” — author F. Yeats-Brown, in the 1939 book “European Jungle.” Excluding Marx, several Jews competed for the title of Godfather of Socialism, including Moses Hess and Eduard Bernstein. My money is on Hess. Actually, Hess pre-dated Marx.

[2] However, that doesn’t mean that NS can’t be practiced in other countries. Obviously, it could be

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