19 August, 2020

What Is Coming to America Soon

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Do these “crimes” sound sort-of familiar? The tone of them? They should, since these are the types of “crimes” that you’ll be charged with under antifa rule in Portland, Oregon, and elsewhere, circa 2030:

“Counter-revolutionary crimes” that were punishable by death under the Judeo-communist, Soviet-backed regime in Latvia, 1940 [1]:

— Sang patriotic folk songs

— Came from a family of rich farmers

— Was a policeman (!)

— Exploited working people

— Fought against Bolshevism

— Was decorated with a military award

— Criticized the communist party

(from the booklet Latvia: Year of Horror; an eyewitness account)


[1] Judeo-communist = for example, the Jewish leaders Major General Alfons Noviks; and Semion Shustin, people’s commissar for state security in Latvia

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