30 September, 2020

A Good Point About the 9/29 Presidential Debate

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Here’s a quote: “Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast, a Never Trumper, concluded that Biden “won the debate” but added the caveat: “If Joe Biden were looking for a pretext to skip the next two debates, he found it.” If the candidate you support won the debate, why wouldn’t you want them to participate in the remaining debates?”

That’s a great point: if Biden won the debate, then why doesn’t the Left want him to continue debating Trump? The truth is, Biden came across in the debate like a tired old man with no good, or original, ideas. He changed few minds last night. Trump, on the other hand, for all of his bluster, seemed energetic and in fighting mode. Trump won the debate.

Speaking of the debate, read this about Biden possibly being wired for sound. Big money says he was. Isn’t that called “cheating”?

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