2 September, 2020

A New VNN Feature: Changing Language Definitions to Improve Communication

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Leftists are famous for redefining/remaking our language to make it less accurate. For example, they remade the definition of “marriage.” Now, a male/male homosexual union is wrongly called a “marriage.”

But guess what? White Nationalists can also redefine and remake our language at will. Watch!

POC used to mean “Person/People of Color.” But not anymore. As of September 2, 2020, POC still refers to non-White people but it now means “Piece of Crap” (example: “LaShawnicus is a POC and so is his brother Trayvonnicus”). That’s much more accurate, because 95% of Blacks really are pieces of crap and the remaining, “tolerable” 5% of Blacks never criticize the other 95% so they’re actually part of the problem (so you could say that ALL Blacks are Pieces of Crap by default).

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