9 September, 2020

A Tweet On Critical Race Theory

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“It’s anti-white. That’s all it is: designed to create anti-white resentment among America’s growing non-white population.”VDARE@vdare.

Yes. It’s all about inflaming non-Whites against Whites. In other words, it is fomenting a revolution, which is illegal, by the way.

This is vital to understand: this whole anti-White movement must be nipped in the bud quickly, or we’ll all be in serious trouble in 5 years. Anti-Whiteness is a Marxist virus that must be destroyed now, not later. [1][2].


[1] Dr. William Pierce called communism a “poisonous, anti-White creed” in National Vanguard Books Catalogue #19, June 2000, page 33, top right.

[2] More about CRT: [Here].

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