6 September, 2020

Antifa Tries to Murder White Man After Funeral of Aaron Danielson

Posted by Socrates in anti-fascists/antifas, antifa as a terrorist organization, Germany, Marxism, Socrates, terrorism at 11:15 am | Permanent Link

This is incredible! First, an antifa thug kills a man (Aaron Danielson). Then, when another man goes to Danielson’s funeral, an antifa thug tries to kill him as well! That’s pure terrorism (i.e., trying to scare people out of attending the funerals of their friends via violence. Creating fear amongst the public via violence = terrorism). Why isn’t antifa listed as a terrorist organization? (Contrary to popular belief, antifa has not yet been labeled a domestic terrorist group, although Donald Trump vowed to do so several months ago; apparently, there is no such legal category as “domestic terrorist organization” in the federal government bureaucracy. Well, then, Trump should create one ASAP; Trivia: antifa has always been a terrorist organization, ever since Jews founded it in Germany circa 1919).


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