29 September, 2020

Been Red-Flagged, White Man? No? Just Wait a Few Years

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In 1975, your right to own a gun was secured by the 2nd Amendment.

But in 2020, it’s a whole new ballgame: thanks to “red-flag” gun laws, your right to own a gun hangs by a thread. All it takes to void your gun rights forever is a little phone call, to the police, from your wife/girlfriend/aunt/boss/mother/neighbor, alleging that you are acting odd, and/or threatening, and that you own several scary handguns. Then, poof! Your gun rights are gone. Welcome to America in the 21st century.

The federal ATF “form 4473” (which you must fill out when buying a gun) asks you if you have ever been committed to a mental institution, psychiatric ward, etc. If you have been “Baker-Acted” in Florida (other states have similar laws), then you must answer “yes” on the ATF form, and then you cannot buy a gun, or own a gun, ever again. Period [1]. Mr. Parscale has now (apparently) been committed to a hospital against his will for 3 days under the Baker Act. Bye-bye, gun rights!

A news quote: “As previously reported by Fox News, a police report indicated that about 10 firearms were confiscated from Parscale‚Äôs house on Sunday, after law enforcement was called over an argument between Parscale and his wife.”

Oh, of course! An apparent argument with his wife set the stage for him being Baker-Acted. This is common. (Also, notice how they tackle him when he’s unarmed — why not just cuff him quickly?).

Another news quote: “Parscale’s wife had called police to their home after her husband showed signs of emotional distress, according to Trantalis. She claimed he had weapons in the house that he had threatened to use.”

He was “red-flagged.” It’ll happen to you, too, White man. A word of advice: develop super-tight lips. Don’t argue with anyone. Just walk away. It takes two people to argue. And especially don’t fight with the wife/girlfriend/etc. Keep your mouth shut and get away from any argument. Go downtown and play pool or hang out with your pals. Don’t get trapped into losing your gun rights by engaging in a heated argument that will only become hotter and hotter by the minute as wifey/girlfriend starts emoting into your face.


[1] unless the gun is a black-powder, cap-and-ball gun

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