26 September, 2020

Leftism: It’s More-Or-Less Marxism

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Video: at about the 5:00 minute mark, she’s basically talking about communism even though she’s actually talking about leftism. My point: leftists use the same tactic as hard-core Marxists: pitting Person A against Person B, and magnifying tensions between Person C and Person D based on personal (again, personal) issues, such as race, sex/gender, income levels, class status, etc. [1]. In other words, leftism, like Marxism, is about “making them all fight” and then waiting around to take advantage of the aftermath. There was, and still is, lots of money and lots of political power available to people (usually Jews) who are always “putting the chip on someone’s shoulder” (e.g., Blacks/Browns/women). Just ask any civil-rights organization: some of them rake in many millions of dollars per year. Stirring up racial/sexual/class tensions is big business.


[1] “Internally it (the communist party) thrives upon promoting clashes: Between employer and employee, landlord and tenant, white and negro, native-born and foreigner, Catholic, Protestant and Jew; between the America people and their government, and within every non-communist organization.” — U.S. Senate report on American communism, 1956

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