19 September, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: She Was a Dangerous Radical Posing as a Moderate Liberal

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Listening to the media frenzy over Ginsburg’s passing, you’d think that Jesus, Elvis, and Gandhi had all just died at the same time, and not Ginsburg.

Why are they celebrating the life of Ginsburg, a Jewish leftist and former ACLU lawyer? She was one of those “progressive” fools who believe that the U.S. constitution is “a living document” — which is ridiculous. The idea that the constitution can be bent, twisted, shaped and stretched over the years to fit any situation is not only stupid but very dangerous. (Ginsburg’s fellow yid on the high court, Justice Louis Brandeis, was a big believer in the “constitution is a living document” nonsense, as early as 1928; see Brandeis’ dissent in Olmstead v. US [1928]. Indeed, the Jews are very fond of the “living document” idea. Look at the Roe v. Wade ruling [1973]. It wasn’t even based on constitutional law!).

One “conservative” TV pundit (a male) said that Donald Trump must pick a woman to replace Ginsburg on the court. Must! Yeah, suuure, let’s feminize the court even more than it has already been feminized. Others have joined in his calling for a woman only to replace her; that is Affirmation Action for the high court, and it’s very wrong.

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