12 September, 2020

Some WN Philosophy

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Some things are so dangerous to America that the president need not consult Congress in order to act against them (this also applies to the Western world leaders and parliaments in general) [1].

President Trump can, and must, act via executive order by directing all federal government agencies to follow very broad, country-wide, anti-communist guidelines — indeed, he already did this (on a small scale) on Sept. 4, 2020 with his great anti-Critical Race Theory order.

Communism/Marxism was designed as a weapon against the West. It was designed to destroy the West, as even Karl Marx tacitly admitted [2]. Marxism, and Cultural Marxism, are so dangerous that Trump need not get “authorization” from left-wing fools in Congress (some of whom have cheered the Insurrection of 2020, which they benignly call “the protests”). Indeed, Trump could never get such authorization from them.

(But, you might ask, what about fascism? Isn’t fascism also a threat to the Western world? No, it isn’t. If you know your history, then you know that fascism was an anti-Bolshevik/anti-communist movement — in other words, it was designed to prevent attacks upon the Western world).


[1] e.g., BLM and antifa violence, a foreign military invasion, etc.

[2] “Any upheaval in economic relations in any country of the European continent, in the whole European continent without England, is a storm in a teacup.” — Karl Marx, January 1849. England was, at that time, the leader of the Western world, and Marxism’s obvious target above all others

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