7 September, 2020

The Space Farce: P.C. Running Wild

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First, consider this scenario: four contractors want to remodel your house. How are you going to pick which contractor to hire? Easy: pick the best one, based on prior work, years of experience, and referrals. Would you choose a contractor based only on the fact that he’s/she’s Black, Hispanic or Asian? Of course not. So, why would you pick a space force based only on sex/”gender”? (The Space Force crew contains 8 women. A couple of them appear to be non-White). It makes no sense. (That’s not diversity. That’s a lack of diversity).

“The Space Force‚Äôs Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Carrie Baker said as a Black woman, she has encountered racism from superiors…”

“Diversity and Inclusion Officer”? No sale. Not buying it. That’s total baloney, because it’s Affirmative Action for space. It runs against merit and ability.

Choosing workers only by race, sex, height, weight, etc. will lead to disaster each time. Logic says that workers must be picked based on ability only.

(A space-travel question: what if the space girls see a giant bug, or a stowaway snake, in their spaceship? Who’s going to kill the critter for them, if no men are around? Or, what if a critical mechanical “thingy” breaks? Who’s going to fix it for them, with no men around?).

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