17 September, 2020

The State and Racial Preservation: They Go Together. Indeed, They Must

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“We must make a clear-cut distinction between the vessel and its contents. The State is only the vessel and the race is what it contains. The vessel can have a meaning only if it preserves and safeguards the contents. Otherwise it is worthless.”

— Adolf Hitler; Mein Kampf; Chapter II: The State.

No wonder the elites hated Hitler: he wanted to preserve the White race. That is the opposite of modern America. Our government is doing its best to kill off White Americans via various methods: the pushing of “diversity,” passing hate-crime/hate-speech laws, etc. Just think if the U.S government had taken steps, circa 1870, to preserve White culture in America via federal law and via constitutional amendment? As it should have? America would not have its current problems.

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