8 September, 2020

Video: Innocent White Guy Assaulted with Skateboard by BLM in Pittsburgh

Posted by Socrates in 'Black Lives Matter', anti-fascists/antifas, anti-White terrorism, anti-White themes, left-wing violence, leftist/liberal cruelty, leftist/liberal hate, Socrates at 1:55 pm | Permanent Link

He was hit in the back of his head with a skateboard for no apparent reason other than objecting to getting hit with a bullhorn first! That’s aggravated assault (a felony). It’s common for BLM and antifa to use skateboards as weapons. (My disabled grandfather used to carry a cane with a hidden, 8-inch steel spike on the end of it, for self-defense. The cane had a fake wooden tip. It looked like a normal cane. When you pulled the fake tip off, the spike was ready for “business.” I wish that White guy would have had something like that with him).

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