13 September, 2020

Video: Man Shoots/Tries to Assassinate 2 Cops in California

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Who are these creepy people? No doubt this one is male and he’s Black/Brown, although the video is grainy. Then later, his “supporters” show up at the hospital where the cops were taken and yell “we hope you die!” at the wounded police. And to think, we’re told weekly that neo-Nazis are “the worst” people in America; they’re not even close to this bad, Sally Soccermom! Anyway, this isn’t the America I was promised in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution. I was promised a White republic (which America was until about 1964 when the Jewish-led “civil rights movement” began. Yay, Black people! Making America better! Right. Yeah. Okay. Better.

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