14 September, 2020

Were All of the American Anti-Racism Groups Founded by Jews? It Seems That Way

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(Above: the one-man-band Jack Greenberg, who played numerous “instruments” in the American civil-rights movement).

Jews, not Blacks, founded the NAACP (which might seem odd at first, until you understand the Jews: they always champion “the outsiders” over the White people, because they themselves are the eternal outsiders, and because they are also “natural subversives behind the enemy lines,” always causing trouble for Whites because that’s what they naturally do; just as frogs hop, Jews subvert; it’s in their DNA).

But what about other ethnic organizations in America?

Quoting the late, Jewish, NAACP lawyer Jack Greenberg (1924-2016), concerning the Mexican-American civil-rights group called MALDEF:

“Okay. Well, I’m pleased to say that, um, um, I was the founder of MALDEF [Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.]. And the reason is that we were in a number of cases asked by some Mexican-American lawyers in the Southwest to help them out or take over some cases. And they were – at that time I had a survey made. There was no Mexican-American lawyer who had a full set of the Federal Reporter in his office. So, without that, you really couldn’t handle a case in federal court.”
— Jack Greenberg, from an oral history interview, July 2011.

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