18 September, 2020

White Privilege is a Moot Point

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(Above: the Appalachia region).

The Western world is White. It was founded by White people. So, even if Whites in America do have “White privilege,” what’s the point of mentioning it? That’s like saying “Black people in the Congo, or in Kenya, or in Nigeria, have Black privilege.” No doubt they do have Black privilege, because those countries are historically Black. What’s the point in mentioning it? That’s like saying “ice cream is cold.” Yes, it is. What’s the point? (Recall that “White privilege”/”White skin privilege” is a term that came from Marxists circa 1967. It’s a bogus term because it suggests that all White people have automatic, inborn privilege, when in fact they don’t. Many Whites are poor, e.g., in West Virginia and the Appalachia region; we don’t see them “cashing in” on their “skin privilege”; “White privilege” is just another attempt by the Marxists to pit people A against people B; such pitting is a specialty of the communists) [1].


[1] “Internally it (the communist party) thrives upon promoting clashes: Between employer and employee, landlord and tenant, white and negro, native-born and foreigner, Catholic, Protestant and Jew; between the America people and their government, and within every non-communist organization.” — U.S. Senate report on American communism, 1956

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