22 September, 2020

Why Socialism Now, In America, the Richest and Fairest Country on Earth?

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Here’s a mention of a new webcast video program: “Lara Logan Has No Agenda: The Socialist Invasion. As socialist ideology becomes more popular in the United States, journalist Lara Logan investigates the agenda pushing Socialism onto the American ballot by digging in to the real life effects of its policies. Available now on Fox Nation.” [Article].

The very idea that America would need socialism! First of all, America already has some socialism for Blacks/Browns/the poor (e.g., food stamps, unemployment benefits, various welfare payments, free state/local medical care programs for the poor, Section 8 rent subsidies, etc.). Second of all, if you can’t survive in America, the land of plenty and of kindness, you’re a total loser, bro. Better move to Cuba.

Fact: Socialism, like its big brother communism, is an anti-White, anti-Western movement that sprang ultimately from Jews. Keep that in your mind; to quote a movie: “learn it, know it, live it” [1][2].


[1] the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (1982).

[2] socialism was founded by Jews (Moses Hess/Eduard Bernstein/Ferdinand Lassalle) and it’s the first half of a communist revolution (socialism comes first, and the state “vanishing” comes second; but states never vanish, so it’s ridiculous from the beginning

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