23 October, 2020

America: a Sitcom Without a Laugh Track, or, Save It By Wrecking It

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Let me get this military recruiting message straight: in order to be “more able” to fight a ridiculous war with the Chinese or the Russians, America needs to get more negroes, Mexicans and women into the U.S. military? Does that make any sense? (Negroes and Mexicans have lower IQs than White people, as a rule, and women have no business being in the military, e.g., they are a huge distraction to military men). That’s like saying, “in order to become healthy, you must eat lots of junk food.” Maybe we WNs should thank the diversity-fools: such diversity will keep more White men out of the military, meaning that they’ll be far less likely to die in combat in Bumfuckistan.


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