2 October, 2020

Black Astronauts and So Forth

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They’re sending a rocketship, with humans in it, into space on Halloween? Not a good omen. Bad karma coming!

Isn’t that a diverse space crew? Who picked the crew? A lesbian, mulatto Marxist at Berkeley?

Anyway: I say, if you’re gonna send a Black astronaut into space, he (or she) must have a suitable, pre-flight gear checklist. How about this one?:

— 6 large watermelons

— 15 boxes of extra-extra-extra-large condoms (if a male astronaut)

— 3 cartons of menthol cigarettes

— a pistol and a ski mask (you never know!)

— marijuana

— 20 pounds of fried chicken, pre-cooked

— a dozen gangsta-rap CDs

— an English-to-Ebonics dictionary

— Black Lives Matter literature

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