7 October, 2020

Greece: the Golden Dawn Political Party is Declared Criminal, But the Communists Are Not

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Are the Greek communists (called the KKE) also labeled as criminals? No. In fact, the communists held 15 seats in the Greek parliament in 2019. Notice: most political violence in the world comes from leftists, not rightists. So why is Golden Dawn being singled-out? Because, since WWII, there is a global war being waged on the Right, thanks to the powerful Jews, who greatly fear the Right. The Jews tolerate some rightists, sometimes, as long as the rightists show no hint of “anti-Semitism” and as long as the Jews can benefit from the rightists, e.g., Pinochet. Chile was already in the toilet by 1972/1973, so the Jews no doubt said to themselves, “why not support Pinochet? What do we have to lose?” They had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Re-building Chile required vast amounts of money, which the Jews provided at hefty interest rates, and with strings attached, no doubt.

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