2 October, 2020

The Morally Bankrupt Left

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Liberals can always be counted on to do the wrong thing. This is why they should not be allowed to hold public office, or teach children (or have children for that matter).

Recently, the Left began legally euthanizing elderly people in Scandinavia who were no longer “useful.” Yep. It’s legal to kill Granny in Denmark now. Old people are afraid of being installed into rest homes there, for fear of being “offed” soon afterwards — a reasonable fear. And now this. There seems to be no end to the Left’s moral degeneracy. (Leftists are currently wishing for Trump’s death from Covid-19, just like I knew they would. Nobody is more cruel than a leftist, despite their claims that they’re “tolerant” and “easy-going”).

You know, the idea of 10 million American leftists crammed into “government re-education camps” in the Nevada desert just feels right. It feels wholesome and good. Don’t you think? No?? Oh. Never mind, then…

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