24 October, 2020

Why All the Trump-Hate? (For Newbies)

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Now that Donald Trump has been re-elected by a landslide (he will be), you can expect the Trump-hate in America to increase dramatically.

Why is Trump so hated in America? Because everyone in the media and Hollywood hates him, and they are very loud about that hate. But they hate him less than they fear him and his supporters. Trump isn’t a “mainstream conservative” like Reagan. He’s a right-wing populist, and the Jews fear populism because it reminds them of the 1930s “radio demagogues” (e.g., Father Coughlin, Huey Long, Gerald L. K. Smith, and the America First Party). The American media, and Hollywood, are owned by Jews. Trump is also unpredictable and unconventional. The media tries to set the hate-tone about Trump for everyone else, but with little success on the whole; it’s an elite-driven, “top-down,” Jewish-led hate movement.

Another reason for Trump-hate is to send a loud “message” to anyone who might try to follow in Trump’s political footsteps after he leaves office in 2024.

(How ironic: Trump is the best friend Israel ever had; you’d think that the Jews would love Trump; of course, only about 40% of American Jews are Zionists; the rest think Israel was a bad idea, and it was — Israel’s geographic location is terrible; it’s not in a good neighborhood, and, Israel is a lightning rod for controversy and criticism, e.g., Gaza).

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