26 November, 2020

And Now Newsmax

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So, around November 3, a lot of people jumped from Fox News to Newsmax, because Fox too often sounded “anti” in their reporting on the vote-fraud issue.

But now, look at this, from an article on Newsmax, Nov. 26:

“A lawyer who was dropped from President Donald Trump’s legal team filed lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia alleging massive election fraud.”

“Sidney Powell, who has pushed some of the most extreme conspiracy theories around the election of Joe Biden, filed the lawsuits late Wednesday, according to a post on Twitter.”

“Powell was kicked off Trump’s legal team this week after her claims about a vast Democratic conspiracy against the president.”

“Despite numerous allegations of voter fraud and irregularities from Trump and his supporters, no evidence has emerged of widespread problems that would have changed the results of the election, which Biden won with 306 electoral votes.”

“Both lawsuits of Powell were riddled with typographical errors.” [Here].

“Conspiracy theories”? My god. And Powell wasn’t fired. She was never hired by Trump.

The article was unsigned (no byline). Wonder why.

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