1 November, 2020

Britain: a Famous White Queen Will Be Played by a Black Actress on TV

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A black-as-night negro actress will play Anne Boleyn, Queen of England from 1533-1536, on TV. Last time I checked, Boleyn was very White. Indeed, there were no negroes of high rank in any kingdom in Western Europe, they were just low-rank “help.”

Have you noticed that, in the Western world today, Black people are celebrated, while White people are called “evil” and “racist”? The anti-Whites even have special, snotty names for White women: “Becky” (meaning an average, young, White woman) and “Karen” (meaning a pushy, older, Mom-type White woman; how ironic: Blacks aren’t even Western, they’re from the jungles of Africa and they’re the least-successful of all humans, so why would anyone celebrate them?).

There’s a War On White People, White man! Wake up. Smell the coffee. We are under attack from all sides: the media, Hollywood, advertising, the public schools, Congress [1]. The only things missing in this war are guns, and they’ll come out soon enough and be pointed at us, probably in about 2035 but maybe sooner than that if our enemies are feeling bold.



[1] a few examples of the War On White People, which really began under Barack Obama’s rule and picked up speed after the Michael Brown “sainthood” in Summer 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri: [Here], [Here], [Here], [Here], [Here], [Here], [Here] and [Here].

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