24 November, 2020

Expert Says Covid-19 Not Nearly as Fatal as Most People Think

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Earlier Covid-19 death-rate projections were way off, by a mile. Those rates projected a 3 percent fatality rate. It’s not near that. It’s 0.2 percent (in other words, two-tenths of 1 percent).

“Seroprevalence is what I worked on in the early days of the epidemic. In April, I ran a series of studies, using antibody tests, to see how many people in California’s Santa Clara County, where I live, had been infected. At the time, there were about 1,000 COVID cases that had been identified in the county, but our antibody tests found that 50,000 people had been infected—i.e., there were 50 times more infections than identified cases. This was enormously important, because it meant that the fatality rate was not three percent, but closer to 0.2 percent; not three in 100, but two in 1,000.”

Amazing! 0.2 percent?? That’s virtually nothing. You have a better chance of dying from an infected pimple (which does happen occasionally).


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