22 November, 2020

How Our Media-Masters Think

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He’s talking about high “affect intensity” in liberals [1]. This is a very important topic. The entire Western media is left-wing/liberal. In other words, overly-emotional, non-rational, childish, paranoid people are deciding what we see and hear each and every day! That’s a serious problem. Indeed, liberals should be banned from any vocation that severely impacts the public: the media, politics, teaching, banking/finance. Liberals are a threat to the entire Western world.

“Furthermore, research show (sic) that extreme liberals also tend to be very strongly governed by emotion. They feel negative emotions far more strongly that do conservatives. They simply don’t believe that “the truth will out” after a rational discussion. Instead, they strongly fear that people can be manipulated emotionally, since they themselves are driven by emotion, not rationality”



[1] a “high AI” (affect intensity) person feels more emotion, while a “low AI” person feels less emotion

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