19 November, 2020

One Good Thing About Vote Fraud 2020

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If the vote fraud of 2020 happened and is as widespread and severe as the Trump legal team says, it spells the end of the Democratic Party. That type of fraud would be far, far, far beyond mere “bad behavior.” Widespread vote fraud is a national security threat, for starters. It’s also a major criminal conspiracy. It could even be sedition.

If the election fraud claims are true, Donald Trump must dismantle the Democratic Party by executive order: the Party must cease to exist. Indeed, an executive order that Trump signed in 2018 seems to give him the authority to do so; importantly, that EO also created a “national emergency” to deal with vote fraud [1].

Trump must also order the Department of Justice to file hundreds of “civil-rights violation” charges against the vote frauders, for interfering with our right to select our preferred candidates.


[1] “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election,” September 12, 2018. The vote-machine companies are foreign-owned companies (in Spain and Canada), and, since the votes of Americans were, allegedly, sent to Spain and Germany to be counted, that’s “foreign interference,” twice at least

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